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Ruby White helps you to communicate effectively with prospects, supporters and your community to remake the world.


Ruby White builds apps for iOS devices, and uses HTML5, CSS & Javascript for everything else.


Ruby White has design, manufacturing and supply chain management resources in the U.S., Europe and Asia.


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Nov 5
Nov 5

Social Media Integration for the California Democratic Council

John Loughlin recently presented at the California Democratic Council workshop at the World Resources Sim Center in San Diego. He followed Larry Johnson’s presentation on CDC websites with some ideas on using Social Media to start conversations within communities.

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Nov 5
Nov 5

Vote to Honor a Veteran

Mike Johnson had been canvassing for the 52nd Congressional District race and was getting fed up hearing from citizens, young and old, that they were not going to vote. As a Vietnam Veteran who lost several friends in that bloody conflict, he was determined to explain why citizens should vote to honor those who died […]

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