John Loughlin is the son of immigrant parents from rural Ireland, who instilled in him a love of republics.

He studied physics at the UK's top science and engineering institution, Imperial College, the name of which always tickled his father. John was a visiting speaker at his alma mater the evening Margaret Thatcher resigned, he helped the students celebrate.

He emigrated to San Diego in 1993, and fell in with Irish relatives in Ocean Beach. Geri Carmack introduced him to Nancy Witt and together they lured him to join the Point Loma Democratic Club and GO Team.

Learning from the late Robert DeVries he helped the club modernize its communications, first with email, then the web, Facebook, Twitter and more recently, helped by Patrick Schultheis, with audio and video.

Mentored by Ruth Rollins and Susan Peinado he’s been a delegate to state conventions, a speaker at the recent county convention, is an alternate member of the central committee, serves as an officer of the Democratic Woman’s Club and sits on the E-boards of several local clubs.

He shares his knowledge and enthusiasm for technology with clubs throughout the county and more recently, with the California Alliance of Democratic Women's Clubs, throughout the state.

When he's not helping clubs, campaigns and local progressive groups spread their message, he's working with Dexcom and Google to help millions manage their diabetes through technology.

John is still looking forward to the election of the first female President of the United States, and to the rehabilitation of the term Socialist.



Believes in the wisdom of clubs

Helps Clubs communicate with technology

Believes in the autonomy of Democratic Clubs

San Diego County Democratic Party Volunteer of the Year

Member of the SDCDP Club Development Committee

GO Team Regional Data Coordinator and Precinct Leader

Central Committee Member - alternate

E-board member of

  • Coronado Democratic Club
  • Democratic Woman’s Club of San Diego County
  • Point Loma Democratic Club

Presenter on Social Media at San Diego County Democratic Party Convention and California Democratic Council workshop

Professional background

  • leader of collaborative teams across multiple regions
  • presently empowering people to take control of diabetes